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Behold some of the tales taken directly from the representative mouths of our beloved clients.


The Mount Sinai Institute for Advanced Medicine teamed with Say It With A Condom to deliver an effective and different awareness campaign using custom condom designs to grab attention in a truly dynamic way. By using custom printed foil condoms to advocate for PrEP, they are putting information directly into the hands of the people who need to be aware of it most. That is exactly what Mount Sinai is trying to do, and with Say It With A Condom they have a partner in the battle.


Indiana University’s Culture of Care campaign is a year-long, campus-wide awareness initiative to foster Hoosier-to-Hoosier care in the areas of sexual well-being, drug and alcohol awareness, mental health and respect. Say It With A Condom is proud to provide condoms as advocacy tools to spread the messages of Culture of Care.


G-Star Raw is a renowned luxury denim company with a flagship store in Los Angeles. Say It With A Condom helped them market a message of Gay Pride. G-Star continues handing out their custom condom designs in order to spread sexual education and responsibility in a visceral way that is sure to grab attention.


Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services created a campaign to bring down the high STD rates in the state. 500,000 clever condoms were created by Say It With A Condom and mailed to 26 of Alaska’s health clinics, plus Planned Parenthood, the Anchorage Reproductive Health Clinic, and many others. It’s one thing for a campaign to tell people what to do, it’s another thing for that campaign to hand them the solution directly.


Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts partnered with Say It With A Condom to get their message of protection across in a truly engaging way. They launched the campaign at a concert and handed out 5,000 custom condom designs in less than two hours. The PPLM continues to bolster that cause with next generation marketing and social tactics via Say It With A Condom.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) decided to prank recreational hunters this year by designing and distributing condoms in hopes that the hunters don’t procreate and make more hunters. The condoms and the joke went so far as to gain major media attention all over the United States.


The Los Angeles LGBT Center connected with Say It With A Condom in order to provide creative, eye-catching condoms in the LGBT community, specifically West Hollywood. 210,000 tri-fold and foil condoms later, the LA LGBT Center’s educational and awareness presence is felt from colleges such as UCLA to homeless shelters, clinics, hotels and more.


“Make beer, not babies” was the funny marketing message Saugatuck Brewing of Douglas, Michigan wanted to use to promote their festival offerings, events and new beer releases. The condoms quickly became the brewery’s fastest moving promo piece, running out of at every event. The brewery continues to order from Say It With A Condom, and their customers continue to love them.


Whole Woman’s Health has been purchasing from Say It With A Condom for years, and just recently ordered 100,000 foil condoms. The happy customers have seven clinics around the country and use the custom condom designs for each of their outreach activities and events. Transforming health education needs the right approach, and that’s why they use Say It With A Condom.

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