With the Help of Say It With A Condom's Dedication

Glenn Harvey of the State of Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services is the creative director of the campaign to bring down the high STD rates in Alaska, and what better way to do that than with free condoms.

Early on, Mr. Harvey decided that education and distributing condoms would be focal points of the campaign. It’s one thing for a campaign to tell people what to do, it’s another thing for that campaign to hand them the solution directly.

Say It With A Condom Ships to AlaskaShipping Safety, Responsibility & Cleverness

500,000 condoms were mailed to 26 of Alaska’s health clinics, plus Planned Parenthood, the Anchorage Reproductive Health Clinic, and many others. Even the military wanted to distribute the protective products.

Say It With a Condom has proven to be quite popular with the people. People even started to collect the different condom packages. The Department of Health and Social Services went through 13 thousand condoms between May and August of 2013. Glenn and his team had to express order more that September.

“Alaska is different than the lower 48, and we want to spread the message over a multiple of generations, and with Say It With A Condom we can do that in a clever, progressive way. Condoms are always.”

Looking Out for Everyone

Alaska Wallet CondomWhen orchestrating the campaign, Glenn knew he needed to overcome some challenges. Say It With A Condom kept him and his department on budget, while allowing them to order exactly what they wanted without any extra costs. The funny, edgy condoms were even shipped to the bush. Alaska has some extremely remote locations, accessible only by plane, so a lot of orders were fulfilled online and shipped by plane to outlying villages and small towns.

The Office of the Commissioner loves the campaign, which continuously uses Say It With A Condom products at many different events both large and small. The campaign is growing, because the condoms were successful, thanks to Say It With A Condom, with more young men and women in Alaska becoming sexually responsible.

Huge Shipment of Alaska Condoms