Happy October. Do you guys know what that means? It means it's national breast cancer awareness month!

What is breast cancer? It's a malignant tumor, and it starts in breast cells. Unfortunately, breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women. This is why it is so important for people to get educated on how to check for symptoms and learn their options. It's also necessary that people know what their options are regarding genetic testing. Although rare, it is a form of cancer that can also affect men.

There are a variety of risk factors that people should be aware of. Some risk factors are in one's control (ie. smoking) while others are not (ie. genetics). The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. provides a vast amount of information surrounding this topic so check them out now!

Learn about the risk factors of breast cancer here. There's no better time to get educated than right now!


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Awareness initiatives are an extremely effective way to raise awareness and education about a multitude of health-related topics. Here at Say It With A Condom, we believe that it is necessary to take the time to acknowledge all of these efforts. This is why we make it a priority to continuously update all of our various awareness campaigns! Check out some of our custom designs for all of the strong, powerful women out there!

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