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Say It With A Condom: 

The Early Years

It was all a dream...During the 2008 United States Presidential Election, finely-tuned entrepreneur Benjamin Sherman had an idea to make creative condoms lampooning the campaigns of Barack Obama and John McCain. He sold them with the slogan, "Remember the election with your next erection."

The love-making business took off! After selling over one million political condoms, Funny Condoms was launched in early 2012.


Say It With A Condomâ„¢ believes that condoms are a powerful tool to start a conversation about your brand, product, service or event.

We know what we're designing isn't just a tagline, it's your message - and a lot of people will receive it. That is why our goal is to create impactful condom marketing campaigns that inform, educate and engage.

Say It With A Condom's Mission

Our condoms custom are designed as marketing tools for clients across the world. Say It With A Condom works with many different types of clients, including public health departments, community based organizations fighting the spread of HIV, and anyone who wants to increase their branding with condoms custom made.

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