How Say It With A Condom Helped Them Market a Message of Pride

G-Star Raw is a renowned luxury denim company with a flagship store in Los Angeles. G-Star was lucky to discover Say It With A Condom via a simple internet search, and now we are lifelong friends.

Luck Turned to Brilliance

They had the idea of doing custom condoms for Pride weekends in their local markets. They have always supported the LGBT communities, and thought that Say It With A Condom could take their marketing campaign to the next level, while at the same time promoting safe sex.

They went a step further and hired models to wear special G-Star denim jumpers to walk around during the Pride Parade and hand them out. And in other markets, they set up free baskets and bowls of condoms for folks to take freely.

“People loved them. It was a playful but thoughtful campaign and people really appreciated it.”

Wear It with Pride

Just like their revolutionary jeans, G-Star knew that their message would go further and grab more attention by displaying on a condom in a visceral fashion, because they bring a fresh perspective to sexual health through the fusion of advanced product design, manufacturing technology and social responsibility.

G-Star is still handing out their custom condoms daily, and planning to do another reorder soon.