Customized condoms are an excellent way to start conversations and make a lasting impression. They’re inherently memorable even with simple customization, but you can make them even more memorable if you get a bit creative. Stand out from the crowd with these 10 unique ways to customize your condom wrappers. 

1. Business-Specific Humor 

Condoms that are customized to your business are great for attracting attention from potential customers. A simple logo is always a good default option, but using humor tends to resonate with people. Funny condoms are memorable and shareable, and they create a positive first impression. 

The key to creating the right type of funny condoms for you is to stay in line with your company values and understand your target audience. A good rule of thumb is to be playful, but still tasteful. Don’t get too graphic, unless that works for your brand and customer base. 

Business-related puns tend to work very well for funny condom slogans. Play around with terms that can be related to both condoms and business, like growing, suiting up, going all in, doing things smoothly, getting lucky, and so on. 

Here are some punny customization ideas for different types of businesses to help you get inspired: 

  • Commercial Banking: Helping You Grow 
  • Life Insurance: Get the Best Protection 
  • Security Company: Safety First
  • Cosmetics: Last All Night 
  • Cell Phone Provider: The Coverage You Need 
  • Marketing: Grow With Us 
  • Menswear: Suit Up 
  • Real Estate: Find the Right Spot 

2. Save the Date 

It’s fairly common nowadays to pass out customized condoms at events–but consider that you can also use condoms to announce an event. Putting the date and location of your next gathering is a fun, cheeky way to let people know to save the date. And it’s much more memorable than an email or a paper flier. 

3. Condom Competition 

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Creating a pair of “this or that” condoms is a wonderful way to get people talking at your next event. The idea here is to create a competition between condom option A and condom option B, then have attendees vote by taking their condom of choice. The condom option that’s been taken the most by the end of the event (or the one that runs out first) is the winner. 

There are many different types of condom competitions you can play around with. You could do general lighthearted “this or that” questions like “cats or dogs,” “boxers or briefs,” or “zombies or vampires.” You could also have people choose between political candidates, answers to philosophical questions, two of your products, or any other pair that’s relevant to your organization. 

4. Artistic Protection  

Printing artwork on condom wrappers is an elevated, eye-catching customization option. Taking this more artistic approach to customization will turn your condoms into mini works of art. It’s an attractive packaging choice that will create a positive impression. 

5. Conversation Heart Condoms  

Customized condoms don’t always have to be a conversation between you and the recipient. Your one-of-a-kind condoms can also be designed to facilitate positive messages between others. 

One idea is to make condoms with conversation-heart-esque messages. You can keep it classic with phrases like “xoxo,” “me + you,” “ur cute,” or “je t’aime,” or take things in a more risque direction. Put your message on a fun graphic heart or simply spell it out on your choice of foil colors. 

These types of cute, clever messages spread good vibes and bring a lighthearted energy to intimate moments. Conversational customized condoms are a great gift for customers, community members, or friends. It’s a gift that promotes protection and spreads positivity–what’s not to love?

6. Protection That Educates 

Customized condoms are a fantastic way to share educational messages. They’re a natural fit for information related to sexual health awareness, but they can be used to share information about virtually anything. Everything is more interesting when it’s printed on a condom adorned with bright colors and eye-catching graphics. 

You can print short facts on a condom foil or turn to larger condom packaging materials if you have more information to share. Condom wallets are a medium size option, while condom trifolds have the most space for sharing your message. Wallets and trifolds also offer practical benefits, like the ability to customize more types of condoms. 

7. Unforgettable Business Card 

A customized condom can serve as an unforgettable business card. You can customize your condoms with a sophisticated design that looks like a traditional business card, creating a humorous juxtaposition. Or, you can choose a more playful design with bold colors and a unique look. Whichever direction you go, a condom business card is a unique way to capture customer attention. 

8. Creative Collectible 

Collaborating with the right influencer or brand can turn a customized condom into an in-demand collectible, which in turn can create good press for your business. And if your brand already has a collector market, collectible condoms are a natural fit. It’s a strategy that has worked in the past, as evidenced by designer condoms from brands such as Marc Jacobs and Saint Laurent. 

9. Unique Discount 

If you’re creating promotional condoms, consider putting a special discount right on the wrapper. A discount or a special offer that’s exclusive to those who got your customized condoms can help you turn a good impression into a new customer. 

10. Jokes or Trivia 

Make your condoms more engaging by printing jokes or trivia questions on them. If you’re using condom wallets or trifolds, you can print your question on the exterior, then tuck the answer away inside. Or, if you want to keep things simple, you can print a short joke or a piece of trivia directly on your shiny foil condom wrappers.

Say It With A Condom: Customize Your Condom 

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Ready to create your unique customized condoms? Say It With A Condom is here to provide you with high-quality materials, industry-best graphics, and top-tier service. Use our online condom designer to get started on your own or send a message to our condom packaging design team for assistance.