Frannie Peabody Center Hosts Condom Design Contest

What makes a condom stand out from the crowd? There are many innovative ways to make condom usage more appealing. Exotic flavors, ultra-thin latex, and textured condoms “ribbed for pleasure” all make condoms more exciting. However, their rate of usage remains inconsistent. Launching the Condom Design Contest Faced with this challenge, Say It With A […]

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Specialty Ice Cream Shop Serves Cones with Optional Condom Garnish

perverted ice cream condom cone i will always glove you

Perverted Ice Cream isn’t like your average Häagen-Dazs.

Everything is black at this subversive soft-serve parlor, from the tinted windows to the interior décor. The edgy theme stands in stark contrast to the pastels associated with traditional creameries. Suzanne Serwatuk, the owner of Perverted Ventures, says that “we don’t serve vanilla cause we are not vanilla.” For Perverted Ice Cream, this is their X factor.

Since it opened last May, the shop has offered custom creations like “Beg For S’More”, a chocolate soft serve with cocoa, chocolate sauce, graham cracker and toasted marshmallow.

This October, Perverted Ice Cream launched its newest custom cone: “I Will Always Glove You.”

i will always glove you condom cone perverted ice cream

This date night special is made with cream ice cream, Oreo crumble, black chocolate drizzle and bourbon-soaked cherries.

It’s perfect for spooning!

For an extra $2, the cone is garnished with a condom on top, which can also be added to any of their existing flavors. The custom foils are complete with a black latex condom, consistent with Perverted Ice Cream’s ebony theme.  

Visit Perverted Ice Cream’s website, Instagram, and Facebook page to view their other custom cones! Visit our website to create your own custom foil.

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Fenway Health Maximizes Outreach with Custom Condoms

The ubiquity of social media has created duality in health promotion. Raising awareness through traditional tabling methods remains crucial, but no campaign is complete without a visible online presence. Social media allows healthcare providers to overcome barriers in disseminating information to patients, and can also drive patient uptake for organizations like Fenway Health. Fenway Health […]

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One Wisconsin Now Creates “Foxconndoms” to Raise Awareness for Controversial Plant

  President Trump attended a groundbreaking ceremony in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin earlier today for a planned Foxconn factory that has sparked controversy throughout the state. Foxconn, an electronics company known for producing Apple products, was given $3 billion in incentives by Wisconsin to build the factory. While proponents of the plant hope that it will […]

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Condoms, Cosmetics & Cruelty: Putting an End to Animal Testing with The Rescue + Freedom Project

“The condoms are hilarious, but they’re also an educational tool…” Not only are pets largely considered members of the family, but they’re also the subject of a niche economy. This year, Americans are projected to spend more than $72 billion on pet-related expenditures. Increasingly, young American couples opt for fur babies over real babies due […]

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Getting People On PrEP With Brett Holland of the LA LGBT Center

With six locations, the Los Angeles LGBT Center is the largest of its kind throughout the world. The Center provides health, social, and educational services to over 42,000 individuals each month. Say It With A Condom had the opportunity to interview Brett Holland, the head of the West Hollywood gay men’s wellness program. Holland started […]

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Learn How Bebashi of Philadelphia Advertises Their Community Initiatives with Our Custom Condoms

  Formerly called BEBASHI (Blacks Education Blacks About Sexual Health Issues), Bebashi Transition to Hope was founded in 1985 as the first full-service HIV/AIDS organization that caters primarily to people of color in Philadelphia. Bebashi aims to address the AIDS crisis among disadvantaged populations in their community by providing resources for sexual health education, HIV […]

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Custom Lube Packaging for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C.

Designing the Message for More Impact With a focus on starting a conversation about PrEP geared towards heterosexual women of color, Mégane Simões, Brand and Marketing Associate at Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. (PPMW), was looking for lubricant with credible product packaging to spread awareness and information about PrEP. She found exactly what she […]

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Back To School: College Spotlights Part 2

  We’re back with our second ‘back to school’ edition article! Keep reading to learn more about how condoms have been implemented on college campuses all over the country to effectively raise awareness and spread important messages! This time we’ll be talking about the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tufts University, UCLA, and California State University Northridge.   […]

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