Do you use Foursquare for local dinner recommendations? Are you a rabid-Yelper? Wouldn't you love to know if that hot guy you always see in the local sandwich shop is a keeper or a sleeper? If you've answered yes to all of the above, then say hello to Lulu, the rating app for women, about men.

Lulu users can label the gents they're rating with hilarious tag lines such as "Panty Dropper" "Great Hair" and "Hot Friends" that make for the perfect engagement campaign. Looking to further engage with the Lulu users, the mobile app opted to use our Custom Condom Envelope to advertise the app while increasing engagement with the various tag lines used in the app.

Lulu App Condoms

With the hookups that are sure to happen once you fall for the #FlowersJustBecause guy, Lulu is guaranteeing a safe time. #PantyDropper #OnLulu

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