PPLM Partners with Say It With A Condom

For a recent local radio concert sponsored by the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM), 5,000 condoms were distributed in under two hours. Needless to say, for them, being able to customize and hand out a promotional condom from Say It With A Condom was a quick and affordable way to deliver their message to the masses.

Educating the Community

From colleges to women’s homeless shelters, the condoms are very well received. They even created a condom mascot, a hashtag and a college campaign name: Great Sex is Safe Sex. Anne, the Marketing Associate for PPLM, and Sloane have worked tirelessly yet cleverly to spread the word of safe sex, and along with Say It With A Condom, hope to add to the 87 year history of PPLM. Without a doubt, they are opening eyes and spreading awareness, one condom at a time.

“By using Say It With A Condom, our message is constantly delivered in a clever, eye-catching way, exciting individuals about sexual education.”

-Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts

The strong, overall mission of PPLM is to protect and promote sexual and reproductive health and freedom of choice by providing clinical services, education and advocacy. The league’s vision is that sexual health is a personal and public health priority.

Getting Clever About Protection

PPLM’s Business Development Department spring boarded the current concert and college campaigns, which sought to hand out clever condoms to grab attention for the cause. With the help of Say It With A Condom, the league continues to bolster that cause with next generation marketing and social tactics.