Custom Printed Condoms with Your Logo

In our day-to-day, we are inundated with advertisements. From pop-ups on the computer and within all of our apps, to commercials during our favorite programming, down to the logos we wear on our t-shirts, advertisements are abound.

Ads in Times Square


Yet somehow, there are still those few ads and campaigns that manage to grab our attention. If someone yells “Just Do It,” or suddenly asks “Got Milk?” just about anyone would be able to recognize the Nike and State of California (later receiving national attention) campaigns that have stuck with us for decades. Images and logos are just as (if not more) poignant than slogans, as they are globally recognizable. So, what are we getting at here?


Marketing with Say it with a condom



Well, most organizations have similar goals in mind: to have their message, brand, or service become globally recognized. Coupled with a notable design, a strong, relative message, and that one-of-a-kind quality, logos can often stand alone in the world of endless ads. However, if you’re looking for creative ways to stand out among the crowd, why not put your logo on a condom?


The Chicago Theological Seminary did it.

Chicago Theological Seminary Custom Condoms


Cosmopolitan Magazine did it.

Cosmo Custom Condoms


Motley Crue did it.

Motley Crue Custom Matchbook Condoms


The Standard Hotel did it.

StandardHotel Custom Condoms

Lulu did it.

OnLulu Custom Condom


So, when will you do it? Amplify your marketing efforts by promoting your brand on a condom package. Your campaigns is guaranteed to gain the traction and attention it deserves.


Check out all of our Custom Condom options here, and begin your campaign today!

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