Throughout recent American history, those who suffer from addiction have been systematically imprisoned without receiving medical intervention. With no access to treatment, stable housing, or career opportunities, these individuals often find themselves in an ongoing cycle of abuse without the resources to begin recovery. While the United States spends upwards of $74 billion on “incarceration, court proceedings, probation, and parole for substance-involved adult and juvenile offenders,” just $632 million is spent on prevention and treatment initiatives.

Phoenix, Arizona in 1969 wasn’t immune from this public health crisis. Many young people were in “desperate situations, because of bad trips on drugs, overdoses, and drug-related suicide attempts.” Due to fear surrounding the police and hospitals, these young people had nowhere to turn, but a small group of friends “responded to their need and reached out to help them with a belief that people can change and with a commitment to not give up on them. That was the beginning of Terros.”

Terros, derived from the Latin root word “terr” meaning earth, serves to help “people high on drugs come down to earth and become grounded.” Today, Terros Health is a multi-faceted health organization specializing in primary medical care, mental health care, HIV/STI prevention, and addiction recovery. With four integrated clinics and eleven additional sites across Maricopa County, Terros Health meets a diversity of needs in the Phoenix region. With their new series of branded custom condom products, Terros has amplified their outreach capabilities. 

Staying Healthy for Life

custom designed terros health condom, trifold, and cube.

During the growing AIDS crisis in 1987, Terros expanded their recovery initiatives to include HIV/STD prevention. By keeping their community safe when they needed it the most, Terros Health poised itself to become a leader in primary health care throughout the Phoenix region. Not only does Terros offer a full range of testing options, they also offer a robust assortment of educational programming and PrEP resources. With affordable treatment on a sliding pay scale, Terros recognizes the needs of the vulnerable in their community and makes their health a priority.

Seeking to raise greater awareness for the locations of their clinics and the services they offer, Terros enlisted the help of Say It With A Condom to provide a fun and easy way to engage with prospective patients.

Our Ambitious Project with Terros Health

terros health custom trifold, cube, and foil

Working with Terros Health was one of Say It With A Condom’s most ambitious projects to date. In total, we created 15,000 pieces, including:

Gilberto Perez, the manager of Say It With A Condom’s design team, tactfully incorporated Terros’s logo and essential information in a compelling, eye-catching design. This was the first project where Perez had the opportunity to create a custom condom canister. “What I liked about the Terros campaign was their consistent branding,” Perez notes, “the whole project was cohesive and complete, they created a very well-supported campaign!” The Terros logo, a bird taking off for flight, “evokes hope, transformation, and continuous movement, and aligns with the purpose of inspiring change for life.” This meaningful logo is accentuated by a thought-provoking question: “Everyone has a status. Do you know yours?” This encourages prospective patients to take account of their sexual health, potentially catalyzing them to come to Terros for testing.

Terros Health Collection of Say It With A Condom Custom Products

According to Jose Vega, a Program Supervisor with Terros, the condoms have done just that. Vega notes that a growing number of new patients have sought out testing as a direct result of the information outlined on the condoms, thereby turning a persuasive design into tangible action. “People who received the Say It With A Condom swag items really like the way the information was displayed,” Vega says, “people thought they were really creative.”

For more information on Terros Health, visit their website