Why Consent Condoms?: College Edition


College is a time of change and growth, but with that comes a great deal of trials and tribulations. It’s a matter of balancing schoolwork with a social life, both of which come in handy throughout one’s life. With those being the major influencers on many college campuses, topics that are equally as important to one’s growth and education may slip away from the reach of many people.

Two topics that play a big role on a college campus are sexual assault and consent, but oftentimes there is not enough awareness about what they really are. The campus health center and certain organizations may offer talks and information sessions, but with the variety in every student’s schedule, it may not be accessible to everyone even though it should be. This is where consent condoms come into play!  Students are always on the go, so we wanted to create a tool that volunteers or organizations could easily hand out to the student body as they’re walking around campus. And a creative condom design is sure to raise questions and start a conversation!

To get a better idea about what the statistics are for the college-aged demographic in the United States, check out the largest anti-sexual assault organization in this country. RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) provides a wide array of tools and services to combat sexual assault.

Here are just some of the sexual awareness and consent campaigns we’ve been fortunate enough to work on with various universities:


Tufts University's Consent Condoms

Tufts University’s Consent Condoms

The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Consent Condoms for their on-campus organization, 'Sex Out Loud'

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Consent Condoms for their on-campus organization, ‘Sex Out Loud’

Indiana University's Custom  Condoms for 'Culture of Care'

Indiana University’s Custom Condoms for ‘Culture of Care’

Florida International University's Consent Condoms

Florida International University’s Consent Condoms

Custom Condoms for Harvard University's Sexual Literacy Program

Custom Condoms for Harvard University’s Sexual Literacy Program

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