One Wisconsin Now Creates “Foxconndoms” to Raise Awareness for Controversial Plant

  President Trump attended a groundbreaking ceremony in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin earlier today for a planned Foxconn factory that has sparked controversy throughout the state. Foxconn, an electronics company known for producing Apple products, was given $3 billion in incentives by Wisconsin to build the factory. While proponents of the plant hope that it will […]

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Condoms, Cosmetics & Cruelty: Putting an End to Animal Testing with The Rescue + Freedom Project

“The condoms are hilarious, but they’re also an educational tool…” Not only are pets largely considered members of the family, but they’re also the subject of a niche economy. This year, Americans are projected to spend more than $72 billion on pet-related expenditures. Increasingly, young American couples opt for fur babies over real babies due […]

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Getting People On PrEP With Brett Holland of the LA LGBT Center

With six locations, the Los Angeles LGBT Center is the largest of its kind throughout the world. The Center provides health, social, and educational services to over 42,000 individuals each month. Say It With A Condom had the opportunity to interview Brett Holland, the head of the West Hollywood gay men’s wellness program. Holland started […]

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Learn How Bebashi of Philadelphia Advertises Their Community Initiatives with Our Custom Condoms

  Formerly called BEBASHI (Blacks Education Blacks About Sexual Health Issues), Bebashi Transition to Hope was founded in 1985 as the first full-service HIV/AIDS organization that caters primarily to people of color in Philadelphia. Bebashi aims to address the AIDS crisis among disadvantaged populations in their community by providing resources for sexual health education, HIV […]

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Custom Lube Packaging for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C.

Designing the Message for More Impact With a focus on starting a conversation about PrEP geared towards heterosexual women of color, Mégane Simões, Brand and Marketing Associate at Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. (PPMW), was looking for lubricant with credible product packaging to spread awareness and information about PrEP. She found exactly what she […]

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Back To School: College Spotlights Part 2

  We’re back with our second ‘back to school’ edition article! Keep reading to learn more about how condoms have been implemented on college campuses all over the country to effectively raise awareness and spread important messages! This time we’ll be talking about the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tufts University, UCLA, and California State University Northridge.   […]

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Say It With A Condom & Hudson Pride Connections Center On PrEP

Elizabeth Schedl is the Deputy Director of the Hudson Pride Connections Center located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Her organization partnered with Say It With A Condom to spread awareness on PrEP as part of their preventative service program. The Hudson Pride Connections Center caters to the LGBT community within Hudson County, and gives this […]

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Say It With A Condom Partners With FIU’s ‘Cody The Camel’ and ‘Kiwi The Alien’

Florida International University, located in Miami, FL, does an excellent job at promoting healthy living and safe sexual practices both on and off campus. The university runs a variety of campaigns that involve different departments within the university. We were able to talk to two influential figures at FIU: Wendy Ordóñez, the outreach coordinator for […]

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Duke University & Say It With A Condom on the Importance of Sexual Health

Maralis Mercado, MPH, is the program coordinator for health and wellness at Duke University. Duke partnered with Say It With A Condom to create a unique campaign that easily allows students to start a conversation surrounding sexual health and well-being. What she had to say about the impact the campaign had was remarkable and a […]

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Say It With A Condom Continues to Provide Indiana University with the Tools to Promote Awareness for Culture of Care

Playing an Important Part in the Campus Campaign

Culture of Care is a student-led, staff-supported initiative at Indiana University, designed to foster Hoosier-to-Hoosier care in the areas of sexual well-being, drug and alcohol awareness, mental health and respect. Culture of Care is not about meetings, talks or events, it’s about spreading compassion and promoting a culture of awareness and courage. It’s about redefining what it means to be a “Hoosier.”

Say It With A Condom is proud to be part of the Culture of Care campaign which began in the spring of 2012 as a one-week outreach initiative and is now a year-long effort to raise awareness in the aforementioned focus areas, and to encourage bystander intervention. Thanks to eye-catching advocacy tools, such as condom packaging with strategic messaging, the initiative is going strong. It is attracting both new and established students, encouraging them to take personal pride in the emotional and physical safety of their school and the student body.


Capturing the Culture of Care in a Unique Way

Emmalee Fishburn, the Assistant Director for Bystander Intervention and Sexual Assault Prevention within the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, has stated that 32,600 students have been directly impacted or reached (not accounting for social media or Big Ten Network impact). Her department chose Say It With A Condom because the company provided the best branded condoms with “spot on” messaging and exemplary client service. Previous partners included major universities and nonprofit organizations, marking the company as both trusted and reputable. Repeat data analysis has shown that students are benefiting from the campaign as they request additional information and condoms.

Emmalee voiced her approval, saying condoms are an integral part of the collective Culture of Care campaign as they break down barriers of safe sexual awareness. She went on to say that she would whole-heartedly advise other colleges to use condoms to promote consent and sexual health. Students are having sex, why not give them the tools for a healthy experience. She used three strong words to describe her experience with Say It With A Condom: Attentive, Efficient, Intentional.

Doubling Down on Dynamic Publicity

2017_CoCWeek_SexualWellBeingTabling2_IMG_2032Just a few short weeks after placing a massive custom product order from Say It With A Condom, they came back and ordered again, stating that the condoms connect with the students in ways other promotional products did not. At tabling events all year long, they handed out pens, stickers, water bottles, journals, and other relevant promotional pieces, but the custom Culture of Care condoms garnered the most attention and none were to be found after the event.

Culture of Care informs students of the services available to them on campus and trains them in bystander intervention through the Step UP! IU program, which walks students through real-life-inspired scenarios to prepare them to intervene – not just a passive witness – when they see someone in need. Each student has or knows someone who has experienced something related to our focus areas, and we encourage students to connect with one another and to work together to combat these serious campus issues. There is no better way to promote real-life scenarios than with real-life tools such as a condom.

By providing students with the appropriate tools to organically and proactively spread the message, it arms the entire student body with the weapons they need to fight the good fight of awareness. More than proponents of safe sex, condoms not only provide a powerful message, they are a shareable tool in times of need. Friends give friends condoms. This is a good thing. The message on the package should reflect a responsible message and empower the user.

Continuing More Campaigns

Culture of Care’s strength lies in its collaborative approach to culture change. In order to continue making an impact on students’ lives, those behind the initiative believe that support from all levels of IU campuses – administration, staff, faculty, student leaders, and students – is essential to creating a Culture of Care. Say It With A Condom is dedicated to continually assist Indiana University and the Culture of Care promote bystander intervention through four focus areas: Respect, Sexual Well-Being, Mental Health, and Drugs and Alcohol.

Say It With A Condom looks forward to again working with Indiana University. We also look forward to strategic conversations about safe sex, consent, and the campaigns that promote these issues with colleges and universities throughout our country.

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