In this day and age, there are a plethora of resources out there for women's rights. However, it is not a topic that is talked about nearly as much as it should. Here at Say It With A Condom, we've done our research and we know that people need to start important conversations and get the facts about what sorts of controversies surround this topic. We love to keep up with the latest and greatest organizations of our time to see what campaigns are out there for various public health matters.  This month, we decided to talk about the NOW Foundation.


NOW stands for "National Organization for Women Foundation" and this organization is doing wonderful things for women all over the country. They have a variety of different programs that are aimed at helping women with a multitude of situations. Their well-known "Love Your Body" campaign targets young women and engages people through a unique poster drawing contest. Other than this, they have programs such as their "Crisis In Family Courts" project, which is aimed at helping women going through divorces on issues such as custody battle, and their "Global Feminism" projects. They also have "Voter Mobilization" efforts that are aimed at promoting women in politics. This organization truly is an all-encompassing organization, and we are greatly inspired by The National Organization For Women.

The National Organization for Women along with other great women's rights organizations have inspired us to create a line of Feminism Condoms. We know how powerful a condom is in starting a conversation, so it was only necessary that we created awareness for a topic of this magnitude. We have also worked on a variety of Pro-Choice condoms to tie into this. Check out some of our designs below!

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