How do you ask for consent? Did your grade school sex-ed class offer any guidance? At a time when rates of STD transmission continue to rise while half of American schools don't mandate comprehensive sex education, consent can often fall by the wayside.

These ten custom condom packages allow Title IX coordinators, healthcare providers, and parents to engage young people in a conversation about asking for consent. Used by universities around the world, these condoms make the topic of consent memorable while also providing students with the resources they need to stay healthy.

University Of The Pacific, Weber State University, and SUNY Oswego are just a few examples of the universities who have customized our predesigned Consent Condoms. Creating custom condoms with your university's contact information gives students the resources they need to get in touch with your office while giving them the tools they need to protect their sexual health.

Here are ten ways that you can start a conversation about consent with custom condoms

#1 What's On Your Checklist?

Before you spend the night with someone, you’ve got to bring the essentials. Don’t forget your keys, wallet, and iPhone, but also make sure you’ve checked off consent before making the first move! 

#2 Let's Talk Things Through...

Consent is rooted in communication. Not only is it sexy to talk about what you want to do with your partner, but it’s also a good way to establish boundaries. Attaining consent doesn’t have to feel like you’re consulting with a lawyer, it can also be a form of foreplay!

#3 What Are You Asking For?

People go into hookups with all sorts of different expectations, so if things are unclear, it’s important to speak up! Ask your partner what they want to do. By keeping several options on the table, relationships are allowed to develop at their own pace and with mutual involvement.

#4 Consent Is Sexy

Asking your partner for consent doesn’t have to feel like a grave proposition. Consent is sexy because it’s also anticipatory, it makes the buildup to sex more exciting! For some, this can also produce a more feverish and impassioned performance in the bedroom.

#5 How Do You Express Consent?

While implied consent can be a healthy and normal part of one’s long-term relationship, it’s absolutely necessary to receive affirmative consent if one’s partner expresses even a hint of apprehension. Especially in new relationships where sexual chemistry is still being experimented with, one must establish a healthy and open line of communication with their partner.

#6 When Should You Receive Consent?

If she’s wearing a short skirt and a revealing top, she must be down for whatever, right? Wrong! One’s choice of clothing can certainly be a fundamental expression of personality or desire, but it’s still not an invitation to make an unsolicited advance. Always get a “Yes!” before you take it further.

#7 What Do You Wanna Do?

Wanna go out for Indian food? Go to the beach? Watch a documentary about The Vietnam War? Wear a mask and try out these fuzzy handcuffs? Consent applies to even the most mundane facets of daily life. If you don’t ask, how will you know what your partner likes?

#8 There's No Gray Area Here

When it comes to sex, what does consent look like for you? Is it asking every time before you escalate intimacy? Or is it establishing a framework before any clothing is removed? People are comfortable and uncomfortable with different things, so you’ve got to determine what works for your partner before you create an awkward or inappropriate situation.

#9 How Do You Overcome The Influence?

Are you able to consent to sex if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Well, that depends on how intoxicated you are. If you witness or suspect that a person under the influence could be taken advantage of, it’s important to stand up for the intoxicated person to protect their safety and dignity.

#10 I Love Consent

Love these custom consent condoms? Want to start a conversation about consent at your university or clinic? You can shop our entire line of pre-designed consent condoms by following this link, and you can also create your very own custom-designed condom on our website!