Say It With A Condom is excited to support NSAC, the National Sexual Assault Conference. Addressing the need for conversations about consent is in our DNA. With frankly,™ and Consent Condoms™, we provide resources that help make it easier to start conversations about safe sex, respect, and the need for consent. We'll proudly be exhibiting at NSAC as frankly,™ condoms. Be sure to stop by our booth to grab samples!

Meet the Other NSAC Sponsors

california coalition against sexual assault logo

CALCASA is committed to ending sexual violence through a multifaceted approach to prevention, intervention, advocacy, and public policy. CALCASA is uniquely positioned to relay the challenges and success of local work to the national level. Lorena Campos, CALCASA's Communications Coordinator, notes that the organization "supports rape crisis center programs in California that are working in our communities, supporting survivors, and leading with prevention." This allows the organization to relay the challenges and successes of local work to the national level.

CALCASA organizes the National Sexual Assault Conference on a rotating basis between the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape.

raliance ending sexual violence in one generation logo

Founded in 2015 through an investment by the National Football League (NFL), RALIANCE partners with a wide-range of organizations to improve their culture and create environments free from sexual harassment. RALIANCE believes in effective prevention strategies. These strategies consider the role that industry, sports, and media can have in helping to end sexual violence. A spokesperson for the company says that every day, RALIANCE makes prevention possible by "advancing research, influencing policy, supporting innovative programs, and helping leaders establish safe workplaces and strong communities."

catharsis productions logo

Catharsis Productions seeks to have an honest, constructive dialogue about sexual assault on the stage. "Our approach is fully supported by research in education, psychology and cognition, led by trained educators who also happen to be dynamic, charismatic speakers," a spokesperson for the company says. Since 2000, Catharsis Productions has utilized a strategic use of humor designed to empower audiences. With over ten separate stage programs and training sessions, Catharsis Productions achieves real cultural change through comprehensive curriculum. "It all boils down to a proven, simple truth: laughter and honesty have the power to initiate change." 

association for the treatment of sexual abusers logo

ATSA, the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, is dedicated to making society safer through the prevention of sexual abuse. A non-profit organization, ATSA represents 3,000 members from over 20 countries. By promoting sound research, informed policy, and comprehensive prevention strategies, ATSA hopes to create a world free of sexual abuse. The organization's activities include producing a code of ethics for practitioners, setting practice guidelines for individuals who treat those who have sexually offended, and hosting the world's largest annual research and educational conference focused on issues related to the treatment of those who sexually offend.

just detention international rape is not part of the penalty logo

Just Detention International (JDI) is a health and human rights organization that seeks to end sexual abuse in all forms of detention. Founded in 1980, JDI is the only organization in the U.S. – and the world – dedicated exclusively to ending sexual abuse behind bars. JDI holds government officials accountable for prisoner rape, challenges the attitudes and misperceptions that allow sexual abuse to flourish, and makes sure that survivors get the help they need.

JDI believes that sexual abuse in detention is preventable. Prisons and jails with committed leaders, good policies, and sound practices can keep people safe.

JDI works with policymakers, advocates, and corrections officials to protect the basic human rights of people in detention. All of their work is informed by the wisdom and experiences of prisoner rape survivors. JDI visits facilities every day to talk directly with prisoners and staff about what they need to be safe.

forge logo

Founded in 1994, FORGE is the only federally funded organization that focuses on serving transgender survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. Loree Cook-Daniels, a Policy and Program Director at FORGE, notes that the organization provides "training and technical assistance to service providers who work with trans and non-binary survivors of violence to help them more appropriately and respectfully serve such survivors."