Sexual health is an important aspect of general well-being. Whether it’s getting tested, getting consent, or having a healthy sex life, all of these are just as essential to living a well balanced life along with exercising, good nutrition, and having a healthy social life.

Caleb Gustin has a strong passion for sexual health and they are an Emergency Room Nurse who also live streams for O.School, teaches in the Seattle school system for a women’s non-profit, and is a drag queen!

Caleb purchased custom condom wallets as a “signature calling card” for their drag persona, SisteRNurseJoy. SisteRNurseJoy is a Catholic nun who is passionate about many things. She stands for self love, joy, laughter, comprehensive sex education, reproductive justice, and queer acceptance.


The wallets have SisteRNurseJoy’s logo and the phrase “Serving doses of Joy, Acceptance, Sex Education, and Queer Fury in the PNW!” When asked about how they use the condom wallets, Caleb said, “I use these condoms as business cards within the sex education community, as a form of outreach to queer people and youth at clubs and bars, and as a merchandising option for myself in order to support all of the work that goes into drag as a performance art. I hand them out, sell them, and even hear stories from people who have used them during their first sexual encounters!”

Caleb’s passion for sexual health was very apparent in their responses. They chose these condoms specifically because they start a conversation. You wouldn’t ever expect a Catholic nun hand out condoms and speak about safe sex, right? Caleb finds it to be very powerful to be handing out these condoms to people when they would least expect it. Since Caleb is a nurse, they also mentioned that they support free reproductive healthcare and making sure people have what they need when they need it.

Custom Condoms As Promo Products



Caleb explained that Say It With A Condom is helping with their promotional goals “by getting my face into the hands of people who might not normally hear of me.” Caleb continued by saying, “Womxn deserve autonomy over their bodies and their reproductive happenings. I hope to be just one small action in the long term goal of reversing the tide of history towards one that values and respects womxn from all walks of life. While I’m at it, I plan to have a little fun, curse a little as a nun, and maybe even save a life outside of the emergency room if only one queer kid somewhere else in the world decides that life is worth living and loving their queer self is the secret to finding joy in this life.”

Clearly, both Caleb and SisteRNurseJoy are having a blast handing out these custom designed condoms and starting these unexpected and educational conversations! Check out SisteRNurseJoy’s Twitter, Instagram, and website! Both Caleb and SisteRNurseJoy are available for lectures, panels, comedy, and performances.