We were looking for some new tunes to listen to on Spotify this morning and a song by 30 Seconds To Mars started playing from our Discover Weekly playlist.

It reminded us that a few years ago, the band led by Jared Leto, came to us for helping in creating awareness for their new album.

30 Seconds To Mars was headed to Coachella in 2013 and was looking for an innovative marketing tool to promote their soon to be released album, Love Lust Faith + Dreams.

We suggested they go with one of our favorite promotional condom packing options, The Custom Condom Wallet.

The reason why we suggested this custom condom option was because their artwork was large and we didn’t think it would look to good if it was scaled down and printed on our Condom Foils or Condom Labels.

Once their team made the decision to go with the Condom Wallet, we sent them our design template and within 24 hours, they had sent it back to us with their artwork ready for print. Our design team went back and forth with theirs until they were satisfied with the way their design was going to print.

To give you an idea of size, the Condom Wallet measures 2 ½ inches by 2 ½ inches which was the perfect amount of space to promote their album. The front of their Condom Wallet featured the band logo and the words “Mars Is Coming.” The back featured the name of the album and it’s release date.

They ultimately ordered 10,000 condoms with some of them being distributed for promotional marketing purposes at Coachella and the rest of them being sold as band merchandise on their website.

Nowadays, with most of the music we listen to being consumed digitally, there isn’t a great way to support the bands you listen to. This is why we feel that bands, whether big or small, must create the right kind of band merchandise that their fans can purchase to support them. A promotional condom, like the Condom Wallet, won’t be right for every band, but for the right one, it works.

We’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of bands over the years, helping them to promote their music in a fun, clever and safe way. We’ve also provided these bands a great way for them to allow their fans to support them, by providing a unique piece of band merchandise that is like no other.