Now this idea, we like. We can certainly take cues from our continental neighbors with this health initiative to help battle obesity while also promoting safe sex and well, the use of contraceptives.

The Mexican government estimates that approximately 37 million people in their country qualify as obese, so city officials in Mexico City are taking action, and encouraging its residents to exercise regularly in exchange for free transportation and free condoms.

Volunteers are manning these machines, strategically placed in busy areas frequented by Mexico City residents to help encourage a bit of exercise on a regular basis. 10 squats get you a free subway ticket, and the first 80,000 squatters will receive a free pedometer to track their steps throughout the day.

If you're like us and you prefer free condoms, participants can opt to trade in the transit ticket for a strip of condoms. We love the idea of promoting overall wellness, including both sexual wellness and physical exercise, as an effort to battle this morbid health issue within the city. What cool ways is your city working to help increase wellness near you?