With back to school season right around the corner, we wanted to highlight some of the work we've done with universities all over the country. Condoms on college campuses are an effective tool in spreading awareness about any given message to the student body. This can be anything from promoting consent to raise awareness for HIV/STD testing to even just promoting the athletics on a campus. Custom condoms are also a tool that the students can use to ensure that they are staying safe and protected. Stay updated on our 'Back To School Series' to learn about how organizations all over the nation are using our creative products to advertise their messages successfully.





Penn State Beaver was able to use our custom condoms to create awareness for their hockey team. They were able to use their own design and completely customize it to their needs, and in turn efficiently created awareness for their hockey teams games. It's amazing what can be done with a little bit of creativity and hard work. Go Penn State! We can't wait to see you guys do great things this upcoming year.

PENN STATE BEAVER | 724-773-3800




Harvard University was able to use our custom condoms to effectively promote their sexual literacy program on campus. The main purpose behind these condoms is to create a safe environment on campus for students. Harvard is making sure that their students are able to ask questions regarding relationships, consent, and just overall sexual health and wellbeing and get the proper answers in a comfortable way. It's amazing what a difference one tiny package can make, and Harvard University is doing a great job at showing just how great condoms can be to start an important conversation.




Florida International University wants to make sure that their students know how important consensual sex is. Their on campus Victim Empowerment Program turned to us, and together, we were able to create custom condom designs with pop-culture references on them to talk about consent in a lighthearted manner. This is a great tool to implement on any college campus, and FIU was really able to take make the most with it. Students are now openly encouraged to stop and ask questions if they have any confusion in an effort to really clarify what it means to have consensual sex. Great job FIU!





Indiana University-Bloomington has a very passionate student body, and together, they created a student-led organization known as "Culture of Care". They took it to a new level by not focusing so much on once a week meetings but by making it more of a campus culture. Students on this campus are very like minded in the sense that they believe in respect and being compassionate to one another. This is an all-encompassing organization that allows people to get the information they need about everything from sexual health, overall well being and mental health, drugs and alcohol awareness and respect in general.

Indiana University-Bloomington | 812-855-8187





We're more than happy to have worked with these amazing universities all over the country, and we cannot wait to see where our partnership takes us during this upcoming school year.