ASU Uses Custom Condoms to Create Awareness for The Origins Project

The Origins of Responsibility



Arizona State University is the one of the largest universities in the U.S., with over 80,000 students and over 1,000 student organizations that run the gamut. We were thrilled when ASU organization the Origins Project, a multidisciplinary initiative created to “cast a sharp lens on the origins of the universe, life, disease and complex social systems,” reached out to us to create custom condoms to promote their presence on campus.

Their design was simple, and the tagline perfectly punny for a condom:


Final_ASU_Origins_Project_Artwork (2)


The Challenge: ASU needed 10,000 delivered condoms in a week. One week! An order of this size typically takes about two week’s time to be produced and delivered. On occasion, we’re able to make magic happen. This was one of those occasions!

The Result: That Friday, Arizona State University’s Origins Project had 10,000 condoms delivered to their offices, fully assembled and ready to be distributed.

Cardboard Box

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Cardboard BoxCardboard BoxCardboard Box







Say It With A Condom prides itself on reliability and quality customer service. Being able to turn around an order of this size not only panned out well for the Origins group, but also helps SIWAC to maintain it’s reputation for quick turnarounds and its accommodating business practice. With 10,000 custom condoms in hand, ASU’s Origins Project is now able to promote their mission, while furthering a safe campus for it’s students.

It’s safe to say that after working with ASU on this project, we’ve all learned a bit about the origins of responsibility.

Inform, educate, and engage your audience with your own custom condoms campaign today!

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