As the summer is winding down, it's time to start thinking about heading back to campus soon.

Colleges administrators and students alike are always looking for fun ways to help promote their events, clubs and organizations around campus. If you're looking for unique ways to help get the word out there about your RUSH event, or are on the promotions team for your school's homecoming committee, then you'll definitely want to read on.

1. Orientation: For the new students moving onto campus for the first time, one of the most exciting things to look forward to are school swag and care packages. *Sighs* The good ol' days. Students are given everything from t-shirts, caps, and planners, to the survival essentials necessary to make it through the first year in a dorm. Adding a condom to the welcome to campus packs helps to promote sexual wellness on campus.

College Orientation Image

2. Residence Hall: Getting acquainted with new dorm mates means students will have to engage in lots of awkward ice-breaker activities. Advertise residence hall events and programming on a condom will really band the new students together....safely.


3. Health Fairs: Students come from near and far, which means many of them will need health coverage for while they're away from home. Promote the health clinic's presence on campus with customized messages on a condom. We guarantee they won't


4. Rush Week: If you're planning on joining a Greek organization or already higher up in the ranks in a Greek org on your campus, then Rush week is quite possibly the most exciting time of the semester for you! Promote your org's values and shower your "little" with a gift they'll surely remember: a customized condom.

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5. Homecoming: As all the alumni pour onto campus, the school is gearing up for lots of events to show off their college culture. Whether you're selling tickets to the big game, or promoting the big gala you've been planning all semester,  custom condoms make the perfect promotional tool to get the message out there about your event. Go team!


6. Club Recruitment / Promotion: Skip the flyers and hand out free condoms with your club's organization info on it. Then, when it comes time to host your first general body meeting, we guarantee lots of students will come!


Looking for ways to promote your specific event or spread awareness for your message on campus? We're overflowing with ideas, so don't hesitate to reach out!  Also, be sure to check out how other organizations have utilized our custom condoms for their events on our Pinterest page.