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Hundreds of universities and students throughout the world use Say It With A Condom to start memorable conversations. Condoms are a powerful tool for engagement. Visually striking imagery on condom packaging not only makes safe sex exciting, it also draws excitement to your message. Universities in particular are an ideal sphere for custom condoms. Youth between the ages of 15-24 make up half of all new STI infections, and condoms are the most expedient method of protection. If you want to develop a branded campaign that leaves a memorable impression while keeping your audience safe, Say It With A Condom.

Here are 15 unique ways that universities used custom condoms as school promo products.

#1 How Do You Mustache For Consent?

I Mustache Your For Consent

This creative condom was created by Florida International University’s Victim Empowerment Program. Representing one of the largest public universities in the country, the Victim Empowerment Program sponsors awareness activities, prevention education, and peer education. These custom condoms help the program keep FIU’s student body safe while providing them with an accessible link to more information.

#2 It’s Time To Vote!

Let's Vote!

Candidates for Arizona State University’s undergraduate student government mobilized their peers to vote by creating this promotional condom!

#3 Need A Lift?

The Best Ride You'll Have Tonight

College Cabs was founded by a group of entrepreneurial college students who saw an opportunity to provide affordable, safe, and reliable transportation to the student body at Washington State University. These funny promotional condoms are a great way to ensure safe roads and safe sex!

#4 Compassionate Care At An Inclusive Center

Compassionate Care, Inclusive Center

The Centre for Women and Trans People at Wilfrid Laurier University created these custom condoms to spread awareness of the unique services they provide on campus. The condoms are a creative addition to the center’s referral services, community events, and sexual health awareness initiatives.

#5 What Services Does My School Provide?

Vanderbilt University's Sex Ed Condoms

Vanderbilt University created these custom condoms for their sex ed program. Vandy Sex Ed offers workshops on topics ranging from general sex ed, BDSM, queer sex, and virginity. 

#6 What’s On Your Checklist?

Indiana University's Culture of Care Condom

Indiana State University created these condoms for the Culture of Care campaign. Culture of Care provides students with resources for sexual health awareness, drug and alcohol responsibility, and mental health services. We profiled the campaign in greater detail on our blog!

#7 Parachutes & Protection

University of Connecticut Skydiving Club Condom

University of Connecticut’s Skydiving Club created these witty condoms to keep their members safe in the dorms and in the skies! 

#8 A Different Kind Of Entertainment

UCLA Campus Events Commission Condom

The Campus Events Commission at UCLA is a student-run organization dedicated to bringing the best entertainment to campus. With CEC branded condoms, the fun doesn't have to end at the show!

#9 For Alumni Too

University of California San Diego Alumni Condom

UCSD’s custom condom for alumni is a great way to show school spirit after graduation!

#10 Enhance The Student Experience With A Gold Foil

Gold Foil Students' Association Condom

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Students’ Association customized this gold foil condom to promote safe sex among the student body.

#11 Building A Better Campus At MIT

MIT White Foil

This classic white foil condom was created by MIT to protect students’ sexual health. It is a great example of how a school used custom condoms as a promotional product.

#12 A Creative Way to Get an A

Graphic Designer's Final Project Condom

Gerda Ziogelyte, an art student at the University of Huddersfield, created these condoms for her final project on “The Perception of Modern Intimacy.”

#13 Affordable Housing, Safe Sex

College Houses Condom

College Houses is a nonprofit organization that makes finding affordable housing easy! 

#14 Don’t Forget To Show Up On Game Day!

Clarkson University Hockey Condom

Clarkson University students created these promotional condoms to show support for their hockey team. Go Tech!

#15 An Entrepreneur’s Condom

Draper University Promotional Foil

Draper University, a Silicon Valley program that teaches crash courses in business, created this custom condom to creatively brand their school!

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